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Procrastination may just be the biggest time-robbers of the freelance life. When you put off your freelance writing jobs until the very last minute, it would leave you feeling rushed, pushed to your limits, and unable to do other things you should have been doing.


So how do you go about eliminating this awful habit? Here are three ways for you.


(1) Just get whatever it is over and done with


Just do it. Most tasks that we drag our feet around are the ones that we feel will be difficult or mind-numbing to undertake. In weakening moments such as these, convince yourself that you would be better off putting up with the heavy work now, than to dilly-dally for the most part and stress yourself in the end. Insightful writing can hardly be achieved with you cramming near the deadline.


(2) Promise yourself a reward


Sweet talk yourself. Promise yourself a reward if you were to act on your project right away and finish ahead of schedule. The prize can be movie, a sinful dessert, or those inviting spa treatments for getting the job done.


(3) Threaten yourself


If all else fails, go hostile. Come up with a penalty for running late with a writing job, such as giving up a favorite hobby for a week or inviting to dinner your nasty frenemy.


Procrastination ages you as it gives you so much unnecessary stress in your life. You should do everything in your power to get rid of it now. And by now, it means now. So work to keep this dreadful habit off of you.

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